Thursday, February 23, 2012

Another granny

I'm still on the project of enlarging some little cot covers for my friend. This one is a bit awkward because it is a different size from the last two that I worked on, although it still needs to be made larger. I think it is going to be a knee-rug size and I've worked out that I will need 20 new squares to finish it off. So here I go. Those little daisies are to be the centre of each new square and the big granny is the blanket that is to be enlarged.
I'm sticking with the plain granny square pattern for the new squares so that they will match the centre.
Wandering through my books yesterday I found one I forgot I had. Ooh I do love doing that. This book is called 'Discovering Crochet' and is one of the Mon Tricot series put out in the 70's. There are some granny squares in there that I would like to try. Oh for another pair of hands. I feel some WIPs and UFOs coming on. Meanwhile I'll be good and get on with the present job.
It's a blistering 38 degrees here in Melbourne today. That's 100 in the old Farenheit language. No matter how it is measured it is still jolly hot. Roll on Autumn, my favourite season.
I hope the weather is being kind to you wherever you are.
Bye for now until next time.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ready to go.

Number one of the blankets that I am enlarging for a friend is finished. The small squares surrounding the large ones are mine. Yes I know I'm slow but many years of too much crochet & knitting have taken their toll on my hands and I try to ration the length of time I spend at my beloved crafts. I'm really pleased with this effort though the stash still doesn't look any smaller. I'm beginning to think it is related to the Magic Pudding and will never get smaller no matter how much of it I use. What a lovely thought - endless craft supplies - yes please.
On this subject I have a message from the man of the house, who shakes his head in bewilderment when I speak of my stash in guilty tones. "I don't know why you crafters worry about your stash," he says. "Just enjoy it. You know you'd go balmy without it." So there you have it fellow stash holders. From one member of the non-knitting/crocheting population, "Go for it."
I'm now starting on the next enlargement project.
Bye for now until next time.