Friday, April 30, 2010

Too lazy to sew.

It's no secret that I dislike sewing up my knitting and am always looking for ways no minimise this loathsome task. I can, and sometimes do, knit in the round on four needles or a circular needle, but that makes garter stitch slightly more hassel so I've made a compromise with this effort. I've picked up the sleeve stitches at the armhole and knitted them on to the jumper as I really don't like sewing in sleeves. Only underarm and side seams to finish now. I can stand that.
Just back from a holiday in Tasmania. Now there is a pretty place. I just wanted to bring it home with me. Too big for cabin luggage unfortunately.
Gotta go. Lots of washing to catch up on. Why is it that laundry seems to multiply in a suitcase when you're on holiday?
Bye for now until next time.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Too pretty to eat.

Last Saturday was one of those wonderful Autumn days that Melbourne is very good at. The man of the house and I decided to drive up and visit our beautiful Dandenong Ranges. We're lucky we only live a half-an-hour away. What a perfect place to enjoy the season, all those tall, tall eucalypts and splashes here and there of European deciduous trees in the throes of changing colour from green to all sorts of reds and golds.
We found a spot where a chestnut tree had dropped part of its crop and couldn't resist collecting a few handfuls.
Now I know that there are many places in the world where chestnuts are 'old hat' but they're not native to Australia and this born-and-bred Aussie was in her thirties before ever encountering one. I gotta tell you I'm hooked. I just love chestnuts. They're such mean little characters though, and don't give up their bounty easily. Anyway, after much pricking of fingers we managed to harvest some. Man-of-house who was born and raised in England deftly de-husks them by standing on the prickly casing with one foot and teasing it apart with the other. Voila! A lovely feast for the eyes as well as for the tum. I can't imagine peeling enough to stuff a turkey though. What a job.
Bye for now, until next time.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Meet Joe

Here is Joe with another of his scrollsaw beauties. Joe tells me that he didn't start doing woodwork until he was sixty years old which shows that it's never too late to find out what you can do. I've lost count of the lovely things he brings to the clubrooms. The pattern for this project came from a woodworker that Joe found on the internet - Spain, I think.
There is absolutely no likelihood that I will take on a project like this. The blade that Joe has used for the fine work on the horses is not much thicker than a hair. Can you imagine how nerve wracking it would be to use something that fine?
I have cut out a little doll though. When I've put her together I'll show you.
Bye for now, until then.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Just a quick look at my little wooden bear. I cut him out with the scroll saw and attached his arms and legs with hat elastic so that they move indepentantly of each other. The ends of the elastic are plugged with a tooth pick and glued so that they won't pull out. Goodness knows what I will do when the elastic gives out as it is bound to do in time. It will probably require re-drilling the elastic holes and performing the elastic-toothpick operation all over again. He's not cuddly, just an ornament and sits about 10cms (4 inches) high. I might make a little doll in the same manner.
Still plugging away at the newsletter (it runs to about 9 pages with photos etc. which is why it takes so long) so I must say goodbye for now, until next time.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

My noisy visitors.

If you live in Melbourne you've probably seen recent reports of these rowdy little birds. They are long-billed corellas and have been calling in on us every evening for months now. There are usually a couple hanging about during the day as well. The din as they chatter to each other is really something. I don't know why there has been so many this year, though I have no doubt that the loss of their natural habitat has a lot to do with it. I suspect that this is probably due to the effects of drought in the west of Victoria which, according to my bird book, is where they usually hang out.
These beautiful paddocks are due to be turned into a housing estate in the next year or so and the birds will have to move on again. It would be nice if we could all live in harmony, but unfortunately human beings don't do that very well.
I love to watch the birds. They are real performers, hanging upside down from lamp posts and swinging by one leg from the branches of the trees in our yard. I will miss them.
The horse isn't mine by the way. He doesn't seem to mind sharing his paddock at all.
I'm supposed to be doing some serious work on the woodworkers newsletter so I'd better get at it. Bye for now, until next time.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Still Knitting

Some weeks back I started on this rug. I know, I know, I'm slow at getting things done - comes from having too many irons in the fire, flitting from one project to another like a bee in a bottle (just as well there's no law against overuse of metafores) Anyway, this is as far as I've come do date. I buy all my wool at the local Op Shop, so the colour choice is a matter of pot luck and it's really difficult to get the squares to look OK with each other and not clash. Purpose bought wool in lovely toning shades would make the rug rather expensive and will have to wait until I'm rich and famous.
Anyone who knows how to use a colour wheel (I don't) is probably cringing right now but the rug's bright and colourful and, being wool, will have a low fire danger even if the clanging colours are likely to keep the user awake at night.
Hope you're enjoying this lovely Melbourne Autumn for Easter. And wherever else you are in the world, Easter blessings to you.
Bye for now until next time.