Monday, April 12, 2010

Meet Joe

Here is Joe with another of his scrollsaw beauties. Joe tells me that he didn't start doing woodwork until he was sixty years old which shows that it's never too late to find out what you can do. I've lost count of the lovely things he brings to the clubrooms. The pattern for this project came from a woodworker that Joe found on the internet - Spain, I think.
There is absolutely no likelihood that I will take on a project like this. The blade that Joe has used for the fine work on the horses is not much thicker than a hair. Can you imagine how nerve wracking it would be to use something that fine?
I have cut out a little doll though. When I've put her together I'll show you.
Bye for now, until then.


  1. Oh my oh my, that is just incredible!! Does he enter them in any competitons, he is just amazing, what a talent, I love seeing what he does, it blows my mind away, good on you Joe, your a legend.

  2. Hello Donz. He is clever isn't he? I've not heard that he enters in competitions.

  3. Wonderful piece, he must have nerves of steel*!*

  4. Annie, Joe always amazes me. His latest is amazing too. I'll post it soon.