Saturday, April 10, 2010

Just a quick look at my little wooden bear. I cut him out with the scroll saw and attached his arms and legs with hat elastic so that they move indepentantly of each other. The ends of the elastic are plugged with a tooth pick and glued so that they won't pull out. Goodness knows what I will do when the elastic gives out as it is bound to do in time. It will probably require re-drilling the elastic holes and performing the elastic-toothpick operation all over again. He's not cuddly, just an ornament and sits about 10cms (4 inches) high. I might make a little doll in the same manner.
Still plugging away at the newsletter (it runs to about 9 pages with photos etc. which is why it takes so long) so I must say goodbye for now, until next time.


  1. He's very cute. What did you use to paint his face? Another creative feat! xo m.

  2. Hello Meagan. Glad you like him. I used black student's acrylic and a fine brush, then clear paint to finish him off.

  3. Oh thats great. It would look so beautiful in a large dolls house. Goldie locks and the three bears house. Its gorgeous, another clever design from a talented lady, you make women proud!