Monday, March 19, 2012

A Special Moment.

I know I've shown you this little fellow before. He's a possum that I met when visiting an animal sanctuary in Queensland 2 years ago. He is a brush-tailed possum, one of our natives and although protected, his kind are very common in suburban Melbourne. Most people, especially garden lovers, call them pests and try to get rid of them. They do have a voracious appetite for most garden plants (especially roses) but I'm happy to share our patch of land with the little bloke that lives in our shed and last night I had the absolute joy of meeting him. Unfortunately the encounter was so brief there was no time for photos. And I don't know who was the more surprised. We have a large ash tree outside our backdoor and that's where I put the fruit scraps that I leave for the possum, in the mistaken belief that he will enjoy them instead of eating my garden plants. (He loves my geraniums as much as I do but for different reasons.) Anyway, there I was doing the fruit thing when I heard a faint rustle and a little face peeped round the trunk of the tree. We stared at each other for a few seconds before he turned and moved away and so did I. When the distance between us was to his liking he came back and started on his snack.
Some days something happens to leave a special memory, and this was my day.
I hope something nice has happened for you today. Bye for now till next time.