Sunday, November 28, 2010

Clever Denis

Denis, one of the woodworkers, has made a train. Not one of the usual type of toy trains that we toy makers make, but something much more elaborate. Have a look for yourself. This one is about 14 inches or 36 cms long, has all the bells & whistles (well, not whistles exactly, but it does have a bell) of a real model train. I really like model train sets. I can't resist the little tunnels, miniature houses with lights, pretend people, ducks on ponds, cars and vans, you know the thing. Denis has one of those too, with which he and his grandson play. Lucky grandson. I'm a bit blown away by this one because it's all cut from wood and fitted together so that all the parts work. Now I enjoy the challenge of a complicated knitting or crochet pattern, but, as I said, Denis's train blows me away. There is an awful lot of little pieces to put together and Denis tells me that it isn't finished yet. Clever Denis.
Next Sunday is our big day at Woodworkers. We have about 600 toys to give away and the representatives of the local community welfare groups that are to receive them will join us at a social gathering where we will hand the toys over. There will be the local Children's Choir to sing for us too. It's always a lovely afternoon. Like Santa, we've checked everything twice. All we need now is nice weather. Here's hoping.
Gotta go now; catch up with you again later. Bye for now until next time.


  1. Amazing - I love the skill and patience involved

  2. Hello Maria. It always amazes me too, just how clever some people can be.

  3. Wow thats amazing. Where do they get the patience. Well Dennis is just as clever as Joe:) when is your man of the house going to show us some more of his work. I think his just so clever too :)

  4. Donz. He's just finished something which I love. I'll show it to you soon.