Monday, September 12, 2011

The pile of granny squares that I showed you a while back has at last become the blanket that I intended it to be. As I knew it would, the sewing up thing took forever, hampered, as usual, by my arthritic thumb but now it's done and I'm so pleased with it that I have started on another. The picture here doesn't do justice to the colours, which are actually more pastel than they appear in the photo.
A couple of weeks ago I made a resolution. "No more yarn purchases until I've cleared some of my stash." Hah! that was a waste of breath, you know what happened the very next time I ventured into our local op-shop, don't you? Yep, another five balls of yarn followed me home, just begging to be used in the new blanket. Well I couldn't turn them away, could I?
Compulsive yarn buyer that I am I'm now working on the psychology of 'flooding'. You know, that's the theory that burying myself under so much yarn that I will feel revulsion and will never buy any more. I don't know if it will work but oooh I am so going to enjoy finding out.
Now I think I'll start on the pale blue first.......
Bye for now until next time.


  1. Wonderful colours in your granny it looks a picture :))
    Well done.. and you have started on another ooops! lol
    I agree, you couldn't leave the yarn behind.. I never have enough of the colour wool I need or is that want..hahaha...
    Trusting the weather is being kind to you :))

  2. It's absolutely beautiful - what a great job you've done. The white borders really bring the whole the together very effectively! Let me know how flooding works out for you!

  3. The blanket turned out very well..I am liking it. As for burying yourself in the yarn sounds like a good idea to me..have a great day

  4. Love your theory, I think it is an excellent one. Must give it a go myself :-)
    I, too, love making motifs, but hate sewing them together. Thank goodness I found jayg - join as you go. A wonderful lifesaver for me. Made the motifs enjoyable again

  5. Thanks Pat. I truly don't think there is such a thing as 'enough wool', just 'not enough space'. Lol.

    Minding my own: Thank you. I rather thought the white would suit a baby blanket.

    Vikki, Who am I kidding? I'm up to drowning point already. Ha ha.

    Maria you're a life saver (or a thumb saver anyway) I'll give the jayg method a try for this new blanket. Thank you.

  6. Ha, ha. I've had the same resolution to use up all of my stash and somehow that made new yarn seem all the more enticing. I've been pretty good lately..for me, that is, but last night I let myself starting browsing a little and ended up on the Loopy Ewe website where I have an account, so all I have to do is click one time...and my order is ready, so I somehow ended up spending $50 on yarn I really, really didn't need.

  7. Commiserations Caroline. If only we could knit as fast as we can buy.

  8. I love the blanket, it's really beautiful and cheerful! Wonderful work! Thank you for sharing, me too, never feel the yarn I have is enough! hehe!
    Thank you very much for your kind words on my father's health and my family. That really touched my heart!
    Hope your day is wonderful!
    Best wishes,
    LS, xo

  9. Gorgeous!! If you like, visit my crochet blog this Saturday and add one of your projects to the link party I have going on then. I would love it to see you there!
    Best wishes from Holland,

  10. Thank you Lovestitch. I really enjoyed making the blanket. I hope your father will continue to improve.

    Annemarie. So sorry, I didn't find your comment until this morning. I popped in to visit and found your links. I will enjoy looking in again.

  11. this is a test. did you get my message last week?

  12. Hello Melanie, lovely to see you again. No I didn't get your message and I'm intrigued to know what it was.