Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A new experience

Hamish is cold. He lives in our Victorian Alpine region where it gets jolly cold and his owner asked me if I would knit a coat for him. I've never knitted a coat for a dog. Clearly I have missed the mark as this one is much too tight. Doesn't he look embarrassed, poor love? I can hear him saying, "I do feel such a fool, must you take my photo?" Sorry Hamish but I needed to get some idea of where I went wrong with this coat so I can start again on something more suited to your marvelous physic
This coat will not go to waste as it will fit one of Hamish's smaller golden retriever companions who are also in line for a knitted coat. I think I'll be busy for a while.
I have some lovely Bendigo Mills machine washable wool in a shade called Cranberry. Just the thing eh Hamish?
Back to the needles.
I hope all those out there in blogging land are keeping warm. It's really nippy here these days.
Bye for now until next time.

PS. Amendment! I have finally managed to add the pics of Hamish that I struggled with when I first wrote this blog. It seems that Google's new system will only work on my lap top which runs Windows 7 rather than the desktop which runs XP. Very irritating. After clicking about all over the place I finally found the old form. Aaah. Like a comfy of pair of slippers.
Google I really don't like your new look.


  1. A lovely idea I am sure he will love you forever :))
    But would love to see any more pics you have of Hamish and friends :))
    Hope you are staying warm :))

    1. Hello Pat. I'm waiting on a pic of the new coat that I've made for Hamish. He is a gorgeous boy and his friends are lovely gentle dogs.