Monday, December 7, 2009

Gala Day at the Cheese Factory.

The day the Woodworkers gave away the year's work.
What a perfect day. Lovely weather, lots of lovely people and super afternoon tea, oh and yes, lots of lovely toys. I'm proud of all the woodies for the work they put in and if you want to have a look go to Melanie's page at nunde, she took some great photos. Melanie is in my followers spot at the right; sorry I don't know how to do the link thing. I took a photo of the prams before they were taken up to the Cheese Factory to be given away. Here they are. The man of the house and other woodies made them and painted them and it was my job to paint the little flowers. Folk painting is not my strong point but you can hardly go wrong with a few daubs of colour. I had planned to make the flowers poppies but when I added the black centre it looked like a spider. I thought that would scare a little child so I got rid of it. Children see things differently from us don't they? I remember our oldest girl could see a bird in our kitchen wallpaper, when she was little, and regularly fed it with her dinner making a big mark on the wall near her highchair. It was actually the spout of a kettle in a kitchen design but her little two year old self didn't see it that way.
More rain in Melbourne today - wonderful.
Time to take Pepper for a walk. Bye for now until next time.


  1. The push chairs look wonderful, lucky children to get one! Woodwork always reminds me of my grandad's shed down the end of the garden in England. I used to go there as a child and hammer things. I imagine that it is a little like sewing (in that there are patterns and cutting out of patterns.....well a just a little bit). I'm sure you get the same feeling at the end of the day!

  2. You're right Weezie. It's just like sewing and if you can use a sewing machine it makes it much easier to cut the shapes on a bandsaw.

  3. The prams are gorgeous... what a lovely thing to do for a bunch of little girls. I giggled the image of your poppy/spider I got in my head. And then laughed some more at your girl feeding the wallpaper. Good on you for letting her! I hope you both laugh about it now.

    If you are able to send me an email ( I'll reply and help you out with the link thing!

  4. Oh wow they are too sweet. Good on you lot of elves at woodies club, you a so santas little helpers. Yes I think it would have looked like a spider as well to the children, glad you changed it. How funny and cute was that of your daughter to feed the kettle spout, I laughed at that one. Gee did you get sick of wiping things like vegemite from your walls lol, how cute and funny. Children have great imaginations, I still have fun making pictures out of things I see, eg clouds or patterns.

  5. Happily, there's a child in all of us Donz. Wouldn't life be straight if it were not so?