Sunday, December 27, 2009

They're ba-ack.

Corellas, the little ones or the long billed variety, I'm not sure which. They're a little smaller than the sulphur-crested cockatoo and, thankfully, not nearly as destructive. Every year at about this time they descend on the parks and gardens around this area. Scattered across lawns and in the trees like an explosion in a tissue factory, they feed, I suppose, on the seeding grass. I think they like the seeds in the cypress tree pine cones as well though I'm surprised if they find any as the yellow tailed black cockatoos were through here a few weeks ago for their feast.
Funny little blokes, they sound like a mothers meeting on a busy day - everyone talking at once, very sociable and very noisy. Chattering among themselves....... "Oh yes, I know. Just like my little Albert, doing very well at school he is. Try some of this rye-grass, it's delicious. No thanks I won't have another cup of tea. I'll just pop over there to see how Mrs. Pinkfeather is getting on."
This is what they look like when they settle in our yard. And how they look when I try to get close enough for a photograph. Pepper is beside himself trying to decide which one to chase first.
Entertainment all round.
Bye for now, until next time.


  1. Wow!, what a great photo. I love the birds coming to our house too. I used to feed them and we had every kind possible nearly. My favourites were the big green king parrots but we dont feed them anymore, as we were making them open targets for our fat cat who thought xmas had come everyday. She never caught any, but as we saw them come and land everynight at the same time each day was getting to me watching her lick her lips. I would not forgive myself if my cat had have got one.The flock here was growing everyday, and I loved it. Yep, you better hold that little pepper dog as it thinks it is a security dog for your property lol

  2. Donz, The birds are too quick for Pepper, he telegraphs every move. lol. Fortunately we don't have a cat.

  3. Such amazing birds in Australia. Beautiful feathers... but very, very loud, aren't they!? : ) xo m.

  4. Deafening Meagan, and they've just helped themselves to the few plums that we had on our tree - the penalty of not using nets. Never mind, I enjoy the birds and nets are a hazard to them.