Saturday, February 20, 2010

All dressed up

The first of the three dolls that I have been dressing for a friend is finished and all ready to be returned to her owner. I usually only knit at night while I watch TV, that's why I'm so slow. And my sewing room is a real hot box at this time of year so I've got to pick my days. It would help if I could open a window to let a bit of a breeze through but our dear old house is almost 90 years old and there are parts of her that don't work so well any more. (I can sympathise with her there) The man of the house got some of his weight behind the problem and managed to get the window open a handspan. Lovely, so I was able to finish the little dress and panties. singlet and nappy (diaper). Here she is in varying stages of dress. I was really good and stuck to the (shudder) Velcro closures but for the little jacket I weakened and used buttons. They can be cut off if my friend is not happy with them.
I love the little jacket pattern. It's actually a dolls pattern that I've used often but it would fit a premature baby - It knits up very quickly. The yarn I've used is 5 ply so not too heavy for a tiny baby. The doll is 15 inches (38 cms) long.
The other two dolls are finished too except for a few final touches.
I did my first unfriendly animal act today and chased a little cat out of my garden. I apologized profusely. I like cats very much. They're lovely soft cuddly and often affectionate little animals, but I enjoy my garden for the birds that visit and our resident possum. This little fellow was creeping through the branches of a tree and the bird population was getting very agitated so I asked the pussy-cat to leave - very nicely mind you, just by clapping my hands and waving my arms about. I hope his owner will keep him in at night - safer for the cat too - I read that the life expectancy of a cat can be as little as 3 years if they're allowed to prowl at night.
Well I'm ready for a cup of coffee, so I'll be off. I hope you have enjoyed your weekend. Bye for now until next time.


  1. What a precious little outfit- the details are beautiful! I can't believe I missed so many posts in the past week! I have really been flying under the radar. Hope you had a restful weekend and don't have such a chaotic week as last. xo m.

  2. Thanks Meagan. I'm looking forward to a better week. Hope yours is a good one too.

  3. How very sweet! When I was little my grandmother knit these fabulous scalloped lace ballgowns for our Barbies - we loved them!

  4. Hello Not ready. Grandmas make special memories don't they?

  5. Oh Gee, that is just beautiful. Your a special special lady, so pretty in pink,I love it!

  6. Hello Donz. Glad you like it. I had lots of fun with it.