Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Day At The Show

Along with a few other woodworkers, the man of the house and I spent last Sunday at the Berwick Show. We have our own little corner at the end of the shed that houses rabbits (dwarf ones and some huge) and rats (the friendly pet kind). So there we were opposite the lapidary display. We usually have someone working on a lathe, and someone else using a scroll saw. I was one of the someone elses. We cut out little animals to give to the children who come to watch and sometimes there can be quite a queue waiting while we cut a toy for them.
Joe had a display of his work - there's a new little trinket box and he tells me he's working on some horses pulling a carriage. I'm looking forward to seeing them.
I got some hints on dying my handspun, from a lovely spinner from the McLellan Spinners, and finally got to see the Baby Surprise Jacket from the Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern. Can't wait to get my needles and try one. Here's a picture of Joe's trinket box.
I'm coming to grips with my new computer - goodness it's different - but today is vaccuuming day so I must be off. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Bye for now, until next time.


  1. Sounds like you had a good day out at the show. The trinket box looks like a lot of careful eye and hand coordination went into it ... and patience*!*

  2. Gorgeous scrollwork! Can't wait to see some hand-dyed yarn on the blog!

  3. Yes Annie. A lovely day. The blade Joe uses is only about as thick as a strand of sewing cotton and a drill-bit a fraction thicker. He is amazing.

    Not ready: I hope to get at it this weekend. Choosing the colour to use is the thing at the moment.