Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Bevvy of Bootees

I imagine it's no surprise to other avid knitters if I confess that the thought of taking a week off from knitting is not my idea of a holiday. Naturally, when I packed my case for my Queensland trip, needles and yarn were the first on my list of essentials. I did forget sunblock, but who needs that in Australia's sunny state? (joking of course, I burn easily, and Queensland's sun can be really fierce). I could have forgotten a whole lot of other things but never my knitting. I always take a circular needle as it packs easily and safeguards against the horror of losing one needle.
At present I'm working on baby things for charity and I love making these little slippers. The pattern is one I invented when I had grand ideas of writing a knitting book for beginners - you know, the sort of thing that doesn't require a whole lot of skill. I never got around to writing the book but I love making the slippers; they don't require any real concentration, can be finished in an evening and use up scraps of leftovers. Unfortunately I don't know any little feet that I can try them on for fit or suitability but they look OK on one of my big dolls so I'm hoping for the best.
They'd probably be good for bigger feet too. I must try them out on larger needles and thicker wool. If you're wondering how I fix the ties - I just work the ribbon or cord through the knitting at the ankle, using a sewing needle with a large eye, once the bootee is sewn up.
Not much doing in my part of the world today. The man of the house has gone off to the woodworkers club so I think I'll do some vacuuming. I find that shoving the vacuum cleaner around warms me up on these cold mornings. Spring next month - luvly.
Bye for now, until next time.


  1. Oh yes, the horror of losing one needles. Or the horror of that one needle falling below the seat to an irretrievable spot on a long drive. That's happened to me so many times.

    The bootees are very sweet - I'm sure they'll be well used.

  2. Yes Not Ready, I've been there too, hence the circular needle - saves a lot of tears.

  3. They are so cute! awww think I need grand children now, to dress them up in such cute things :)

  4. Donz, I love being a grandma and knitting pretty things for them was great fun.

  5. Hi Elsie, it's raining hard up here tonight, gutters are overflowing and tanks are filling, and the frogs are singing :)
    We had condensation on all the doors and windows - on the outside of them today - I can't recall seeing that up here before and then late this afternoon it became all misty.

    Those little booties look cute and snug ... I bought my first circular needle recently but still haven't got around to trying it out*!*

  6. Hello Annie. Won't everything be lovely & lush when the sun returns.
    We've had some welcome rain too. More like winters used to be. And you guessed it, some folk are getting fed up with it already. Ungrateful lot aren't we? :)