Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A love wrap

A couple of years ago I joined the team of knitters who call themselves 'Wrap With Love Inc.' The organisation was started some time back in 1992 by a caring and concerned woman called Sonia Gidley-King who, unable to bear the thought of so many underprivileged people suffering from the bitter cold that happens in some parts of this wonderful planet of ours, decided to do what little she could about it. So she started knitting 10" squares from the bits of odd yarn she had about her home and invited others to do the same. Twenty eight squares collected together and sewn up four across by seven down makes a blanket that will fit a single bed or wrap a freezing person. I'm told these blankets can save a life. This was the first of 220,000 blankets that have been sent to countries all over the world, including Australia, in the past eighteen years. Non political, non religious, the organisation never sells the blankets; they are gifts given with love. Based in New South Wales its a bit costly for those of us here in Victoria to get our work to the warehouse so some of our knitters volunteer as 'drop off depots' and undertake to accept and transfer the blankets to the central point in Alexandria from whence they will be sent out to keep somebody warm.
As we have no drop off depot in Melbourne I have put my hand up to do the job. Oops, now I'm for it. I have no idea how to go about it. Good foot-soldier me - not much of a comanding officer. I think I'll start by making a nuisance of myself and contacting trucking companies who might be willing to stow a bag of blankets in a corner of a van heading interstate, where it will be picked up by the Wrap With Love carriers. Please wish me luck.
Sadly Sonia left this world just recently after a long illness and will be greatly missed but what a legacy she has left. Vale, Sonia.


  1. Oh you are so lovely. I wonder if the salvation army could give you any ideas how to get them there? red cross? etc, good luck, you will find a way that is safe ,as I believe so much in you x

  2. Thats our Elsie, always giving.

  3. l have also in past couple yrs joined the lnverell, NSW, Wrap With Love group..We meet second Tuesday of the month at lnverell library.. All lovely ladies, all crocheting & knitting like mad.. l`ve finished one rug for this yr.. Have to concentrate on finishing off my own UFO`s.. A very worthwhile cause.. Best Wishes..