Monday, February 28, 2011

Now you see them, now you don't

Yesterday was the last day of Summer down here in my little corner of the world. OK so I hear some voices out there saying "What Summer?" And they're right, this has been a really weird season but for me it was just 'luverly'. I find the heat torture and can be heard to make a thorough bore of myself with my whinging. This year has been so different and my agapanthus loved every minute of it. I've had to chop all the finished flowers off because in this area they are considered weeds and must not be permitted to spread. Even growing them is frowned upon but they're such a treat that I can't resist and take care to remove the dead flower heads before they can seed.
We took the rellies from Canada for a drive over the weekend and I was amazed to see how green the countryside is. Victoria's Summertime paddocks are usually the colour of sand, with dry grass as far as the eye can see but not so this year. I am really sad for those who suffered from the flooding that the rain caused, but so glad to see the thirsty paddocks thriving.
We are spending every moment we can with the rellies (Sister of the man of the house and her husband) as they won't be back in Oz for another three years or so and we will miss them when they leave.
Must go now. The man of the house has baked egg and bacon pie and I can't keep that waiting. Bye for now until next time.


  1. Brrr Snow on Mnt Wellington and the wind is cold.. Out will come the electric blanket tonight...:))
    Autumn today, I say where did summer go ?? LOl
    Have a great day and I hope it is a crafty week for you :))

  2. We went for a swim, mid waist height 3 times this year! Last summer, my man returned from work and he bolted to the river along with me and all our dogs...... everynight I love those flowers, as called weeds.. They are beautiful :) They remain green most of the year and the big purple flower is gorgeous.. Oh well, I love that weed lol xxxxxxxx

  3. What a shame! Agapanthus were my MIL's favourite flowers. I've tried, but we can't grow them here. Probably not hot enough, not enough sun, not long enough summer, or some combination of the above. Instead we go to see them in the green houses at the Botanical Gardens.

  4. Lucky you don't live in WA with their current 35+ temps ☺
    Gosh, when it was hot, it was very, very hot
    So glad autumn is here, ignoring the calender, the weather finally complied

  5. Lovely flowers! Happy autumn to you. I don't like the heat and humidity either and never complain about a cool, rainy summer day.

  6. Pat, the coldest I've ever been was on Mt. Wellington last year. Tassy was lovely everywhere else though.

    Donz. It hasn't been good swimming weather but I don't swim so I don't mind.

    Minding my own, yep, agapanthus definitely need sun as we found out when one of our trees fell down - suddenly they flowered where they hadn't before.

    Maria I'm so glad I don't live in WA though I'll have to get around to visiting there one day.

    Thanks Laurie, Autumn is my favourite season.