Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Success - Well almost.

By George I think I've done it. Well, not quite, I still don't have the pictures of your work to go with your blog names but onwards and upwards, that comes next. Meanwhile I'll leave you with my best wishes and this pretty rose, one of the many that grow in the gardens of the Old Cheese Factory at Berwick, where the Woodworkers have their workshop. It was taken a few weeks back; they're all pruned at present and preparing for the next season of blooms.
Bye for now, until next time.

Update: As you can see, I now have the pictures I wanted. Thanks to two lovely ladies, Pat (Pattas) & Maria (Aussie Maria) for their help.


  1. Good work on the blog list! And a very pretty rose that is too!

  2. Love the pic of the rose..I am not a puter person to make a list with pics would be enough to drive me insane.

  3. Every day another learning curve - well done. I know I have learned a lot and yet I still don't know a lot :-)
    As for the pic's, its in the same place you created the list, one of the options - "Thumbnail of most recent item". That is for the posts

  4. Well done!!!!! I am so pleased it worked and now just follow Maria's advice and see what happens..:))
    Its going to be another great day :))
    Love the flower by the way.. Oh and have you noticed the wattles are out ????

  5. Lovely - thank you ladies. it'll be so much easier to find you when I want to visit.
    Minding my own, I have now managed to add your blog too.
    Vikki, me too. It's only that I really wanted to be able to do it that kept me trying.
    Maria and Pat thanks for your help and yes, our wattle is in flower too. Such a sunny plant how can you feel miserable looking at it?

  6. I came back , lOL just had to see if it worked :)
    Well done :)) Now all we have to do is to help you add links to your posts and you will be flying :))
    The sun chased the rain away today and I could have been mistaken to think it was summer :))
    Have a great weekend :))

  7. Hello again Pat. I'm guessing the links work in a similar way to the Blog list. I hope so as that's my next attempt.
    We're managing to get some walking in between showers here.