Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Meet Miss Lucy

With all the pretty dolls that are available today I love the idea of making one from scratch. One of my favourites when I was little was a nicely shaped baby doll that Mum made for me from cloth. She had embroidered features and curled embroidered hair. I named her Suzette and loved her to bits. I've made lots of cloth dolls over the years but I thought a little wooden one might be fun, and here she is. I confess I got the man of the house to turn her head and limbs as I have only the most basic skills at turning. I made the body from cloth because the idea of all those jointed elbows, shoulders etc. daunted me and it also makes her easier to dress. She is 29cms long (11 and a 1/2 inches). Her hair is coloured fleece which I glued onto the head - probably not the best choice if she is to be played with as it won't stand rough handling. The rest of her is quite sturdy and I like to imagine a little person from about 100 years ago playing with her.
I looked in on Pattas a few days ago and found that the side bar of her page now has pictures of the recent blogs of those that she follows. I love that idea and would like to be able to promote the blogs that I follow in the same way. Pat is a most obliging person and told me how she achieved this but I still haven't managed it. I haven't learned to do links yet either. Hang in there, as soon as I can I will show your beautiful work on my blog, attributing it to you, of course. (Pattas is the pink beaded flower in my list of followers).
Such lovely Spring-like weather here today. Time to get out the needles and knitting cotton for the Summer cardigan that I have been promising myself.
Bye for now until next time.


  1. Adorable! Especially her bloomers!

    How do you attached the sewn parts to the turned parts?

  2. I love her and her clothes.. Wooden dolls are rare these days, how many do you think you will make ??

    I haven't given up on your blog :))
    Have a great day :))

  3. She is so lovely! A little girl will be very glad to have her - I remember fondly the home made dolls things I got over the years.

  4. Minding ny own: there's a groove cut around the end of the wooden bits and the fabric is tied there tightly with strong thread and glued for good measure.

    Pat: I'm working on a baby for Lucy at present. Thanks for your help with the blog. I'll keep trying.

    Jane: thanks for visiting. I just looked in on your blog. Love the Christmas one.