Friday, July 29, 2011

Two long days

The man of the house finally got into hospital to have his maintenance job done (a stent in his heart). Although it is one of the so called 'minor cardiac procedures' it is still messing about with that very vital organ and of course it's dangerous. Yours truly was a nervous wreck while pretending not to be and the man himself, to outward appearances, was quite matter-of-fact about the whole business. I've asked him if he was pretending too and he says he wasn't. He expected everything to be alright and was looking forward to being able to get back to his old self as he hasn't been at all well lately. The eternal optomist. His faith was justified and he is home again now and being fussed over by a very relieved me.
One good thing about sitting around in hospital for a couple of days is the amount of knitting that one can get through. I took my rainbow blanket along as it doesn't take an awful lot of concentration, and I was pleased with the progress I made. I am really enjoying this blanket because I love the vibrant colours. I think the royal-blue and purple are too close together and next time I would chose a paler purple but otherwise I am happy with it. I plan to turn this into a bed size blanket as I think it would look lovely on the bed of either a boy or a girl.
I've got to be off now. Shopping to do. I hope you are having a lovely day.
Bye until next time.


  1. Welcome home !!!!!!!
    So pleased all went well for the "man of the house" :))
    The colours of you blanket are vibrant and happy :))
    I have no idea how you are knitting it but it looks great to me ..
    Thanks for stopping by today, the broomstick lace is so easy to do.. the first one I made was actually using a piece from a broom handle LOL...
    Keep warm :))

  2. I am so glad everything went well with the stent. Scary stuff..why do we always put on a brave face? Sometimes would it be ok to say..heck yeah I am scared? Any way on to better things. Your blanket looks lovey..

  3. Hello Pat. Thanks for your good wishes. I'm picking up the stitches from the previous squares and knitting the new squares on. Easier and I think tidier than sewing up later.

    Hello Vikki. Thank you. Yes I think it would be OK to admit our nerves but I doubt it would feel any better.
    I'm loving your beautiful work by the way. So clever.

  4. I'm glad to hear he's home and on the mend. Your infrequent posts have been very revealing about how worried you've been. Time to cocoon a bit!

    Very happy blanket!

  5. Minding My Own. Thank you. It has been an anxious time for us.

  6. So happy your hubby is okay! Not a fun thing to go through for either of you!