Thursday, July 14, 2011

Just dropping in

My friend Joe, the woodworker, gently reminded me, a couple of days ago, that I have been neglecting my blog. Of course, he's right, there has been a deafening silence from my corner of the world. Yes, I am still knitting like mad, sometimes doing a bit of crochet and woodwork, but you know how life happens while you're making other plans - well life has taken over and I'm running to catch up. I know there are lots of you out there who have discovered that having a partner who is not well takes up most of your waking thoughts, and now I have joined you. The man of the house is to have an overnight stay in hospital soon, although we don't know when, and we are sort of marking time waiting for that to happen. He has medication to help but we must take things quietly for a while.
That said, life is not gloomy, we are still enjoying a lot of laughs and non-strenuous exercise in our lovely winter sunshine.
A question from a little girl in the supermarket yesterday, to her mother, kept me smiling for ages. "Mum, is it posssible to chew up a chain & spit out nails?" Mum continued unpacking her trolly and made some non-committal answer, while I had a quiet giggle. I'd forgotten that kids ask such wonderful questions.
Anyway, before I go I'll just show you Joe's latest woodwork effort. It's a collection of oddly shaped little blocks that fit together to make one cube. Joe tells me that it can be put together 240 different ways although he has only discovered one. Joe hasn't been well lately either. I'm thinking of you Joe and sending my best wishes.
To the rest of you out there, I hope you're feeling on top of the world
Bye for now until next time.


  1. Oh I'm terrible at those kinds of block puzzles, but some, like my brother, have just the sort of brain that love that sort of thing. It's noce to see blocks that are non-toxic, without lead paint and a bit of weight to them!

    Sorry to hear about the health problems; taking things quietly and having a few laughs sounds like the right approach. Hopefully things get better soon!

  2. Minding my own, I haven't taken on the puzzle either. Give me a complicated knitting pattern any time
    Thanks for the good wishes.

  3. Hubbie and Joe, Hope you are feeling better real soon. :))
    Love puzzles, Not good at them but fun trying :))
    Thinking of you all, stay warm :))

  4. Hello Pat. I'll pass on your good wishes. We're copying the dog and finding a sunny spot to sit whenever we can. What great weather for sitting by the fire and knitting.

  5. Doing some blog walking this am and found myself here. Lovely wooded blocks. I bought a set like that, hand made years ago when my DD was small. So much nicer I thought then the plastic ones. I don't know Joe, but wish him well. YOur husband also.

    Cute question from the little girl at the grocery. Be sure and take yarn a plenty with you to the hospital, it will help pass the time for you.

  6. Lovely to meet you Sandy and thanks for your good wishes, your advice too. Knitting certainly helps to pass the waiting time.