Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Change of Heart

A friend gave me three balls of acrylic yarn in three different colours so I decided to use them to work some fair isle. Smarty didn't bother with a pattern but invented her own, knitted in the round on a circular needle. All went well until I got to the underarm and needed to work back and forth for the yoke. !!! the design wouldn't work that way and I found myself at the end of a solid row of colour and needing to work back with two colours. This meant that the colour I needed to use was back at the beginning of the row. Now I could have continued in the round and cut the armhole out on completion, but I'm not brave enough for that. So out came the graph paper and pencil while I sat and worked out the shaping for a circular yoke. By this time the urge for fair isle was fast fading but I ploughed on. A third of the way up one sleeve I knew that I was heartily sick of the idea, but continued on the sleeve, muttering all the while that I might yet end up pulling the whole thing out.
At this point an interjection from the man of the house stopped me mid row, "For goodness sake pull it out - you know you are going to, why waste any more time on it." There spoke the voice of almost fifty years experience of watching me finish with gritted teeth, something I'm disliking insensely, or worse, almost finishing it before pulling it out because it just isn't right.
So, the colours are now being added to a crochet baby blanket. Perhaps it's not as pretty as the fair isle would have been, but much more soothing to do. I know I dislike sewing up but I'll put up with that for the pleasure of working happily. The man of the house is enjoying the serenity coming from my side of the lounge room too.
I hope you're happy with what you are working on at present.
Bye for now until next time.


  1. A pity to frog something so pretty, but I definitely think hubby had the right idea

  2. Must be that kind of day. Yours is the 2nd blog I have visited that is ripping something apart. I just hope it isn't contagious!

  3. Haha! don't you hate it when they know what you are going to do before you're ready to do it ;)

  4. So do I Maria. I'm enjoying the crochet far more.

    Vikki, wouldn't it be awful if it was?

    Annie, where has all the mystery gone? Lol. Seriously though, it's amazing how we learn to read each other over the years.

  5. Sounds like my place... LOL.. very pretty Yarn :))

  6. Love these colors together! Sorry for the difficulties you had. The pattern was very pretty!