Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A challenge

A friend who works in the newborn unit of one of our hospitals has given me a bundle of beautifully crocheted little blankets. They were intended as a gift for the unit's cots but are in acrylic and will not stand up to the very hot water that the hospital's laundry uses. Being a tiny cot size they are not large enough to wrap a baby so my friend was unable to pass them on to the hospital's welfare section. It saddened her to think that this lovely well-intentioned gift should go to waste so she presented them to me wondering - could I do anything with them? Well now I ask you; what crafter could resist a challenge like that? My first thought was to stitch some of them together to make a larger blanket. "Make it big enough for a single bed then it could still wrap a baby if necessary." suggested the man of the house. Not just a pretty face that man. That done I took the blanket off to a local welfare agency that rehouses those fleeing from abuse. I thought I'd match up the colours in the others and work extra squares to enlarge them. What an opportunity to reduce my stash. So here I am half-way through the first one, making smaller squares to add to the little cot cover in the centre. Do you know my stash doesn't look any smaller. I'm hoping it will by the time I get through a few more.
I do hope your year has got off to a good start and will just keep getting better.
Bye for now until next time.


  1. A beautiful idea :)) I know someone will love it and thank the donor..
    It looks like a crafty time at my place, Like you I am trying to get that never ending stash down, and I promise this year is what I am doing :))
    Have a great week :))

  2. So nice to put them to good use. I'm sure the donor would appreciate your efforts if she only knew! My stash never seems to look smaller, no matter how much I knit or crochet!

  3. ... that's what they call teamwork, and someone will be feeling the benefit of your effort :)

  4. Hello ladies. Thanks for looking in. It's so satisfying when you can solve a problem for someone isn't it?

  5. It's nice to meet you Erin Kate and thank you for stopping by my blog.