Saturday, November 21, 2009

I love the simplicity of garter stitch. I love its folksy look. To me it always looks cosy. The knit stitch is the first one we learn and although it can be varied many ways to make fancy patterns, it has charm and versatility all by itself. Because it doesn't curl at the edges, garter stitch is ideal for beginners as it doesn't need a rib, so new knitters can get started on a project as soon as the basic skills eg. cast on, knit, increase, decrease and cast off, are mastered. I've seen some pretty classy looking tops knitted in garter stitch, jackets, hats, handbags, the list goes on. I've been playing around at my place with some odments of yarn and thought I'd show you some of the results.
The face washer is made from dishcloth cotton with a crocheted picot added later, - wrapped around a cake of soap and tied with a pretty bow it might make a nice gift or an offering for a Mothers Day stall. That's a baby's bib on the needles. The little jackets were actually made for dolls but they would fit a prem or new baby. I knit them all in one piece so that I only have to sew up under the arms and sleeves. The yellow one was knitted on bigger needles because I wanted a softer fabric. I'll add a picot edge to them too, I think, and possible embroider a flower or two.
Too wet to get out in the garden today. All that rain last night - luvly. Bye for now, until next time.


  1. I really needed this post. I just finished unravelling my 4th unfinished knitting project (I have yet to complete one). I am good at the plain old knit stitch but I only just taught myself purl and I don't thin kI am doing something right as my tension gets really tight really fast. I really wan tot knit a hat for a newborn due beginning of December but everytime i try to start with K1P1 I mess up and the tension gets of control. Does K1P1 ribbing mean one knit and then one purl through the whole row or does it mean one row knit and then one row purl? I give up! It's back to simple washers for me- which I am still not even good at. At least it's all practice even if I never see a finished product! Thanks for the comments and see you soon. xo m.

  2. Hello Meagan. I like to encourage a new knitter because I find it such a satisfying craft. I would suggest that you stick with garter stitch for a while. Enjoy it. When you're ready and there's no pressure, mess about with purl if you feel the need. Yes a rib is knit 1, bring the wool forward between the needles, purl 1, take the wool back between the needles, knit 1, bring the wool forward again and purl 1. Repeat this all along the row..