Saturday, November 28, 2009

Their creative space

Yesterday I visited the Pakenham Patchworkers for their AGM. I had been invited to attend as the ladies had a great bundle of beautiful handwork that they wanted to give me for the Woodworkers. The members of this busy club dress the dolls cradles, beds and cots that we Woodies make for our Annual Gala Day toy giveaway. The pretty things that they make put the finishing touch to our work and we are very grateful. I came home with my car full to the brim with little quilts and mattress-pillow sets - enough to dress 70 of our toys. I learned that the quilt-in team comprises 24 workers and as if their gift to us were not enough, they also handed out literally hundreds of items to other needy recipients. I saw a table laden with knitted baby wear and toy teddies, made with the help of some knitters from a local retirement village or nursing home (sorry I can't remember which). These goodies along with some beautiful quilts were given to the Newborn Unit at Monash Medical Centre here in Melbourne. Over the past three years the club has given thousands of quilts away to the needy such as bushfire sufferers, victims of domestic violence and those families struggling with unemployment. My head buzzes with the figures so I won't quote them for fear of error. In addition they give away cash donations which they raise through special efforts. What a band. I take my hat off to them all.
Pictured are just a few, probably less than a quarter of the lovely quilts that were given away yesterday. The small ones on the table were for us, the Woodies and those plastic bin-bags are full too. I might add that a lot of them are in the workforce and so fit this activity into their spare time. (spare time - my goodness) There are some lovely people in the word, aren't there?
Anyway, I'm off to look for something useful to do. Hope you are having a nice weekend. Bye for now until next time.


  1. Wow! So many beautiful and thoughtful donations! It really is amazing how giving people are- especially those who often need a little help themselves. Looks like you had a nice weekend. Loved the rain, but glad to see a little sun this morning to brighten the world up. xo m.

  2. they look great all clustered like that together and they give a real feel for the huge quantity that get donated.