Saturday, November 7, 2009

More wooden lace.

Our friend Joe from the Woodworkers has been at work with his scroll saw again. This time it is a plant pot stand. Can you imagine the patience that must go into creating this. Joe tells me that there are 690 holes in this work, that means that he had to undo the saw blade, thread it through a hole and refix the blade so that he could cut out the next little bit of pattern 690 times. I have managed a small wall decoration for a gift once, that required about 40 such maneuvers, and found that pretty tedious so I can really appreciate this lovely thing.
Not much doing today but I'd better go and do it. Bye for now until next time.


  1. I always admire these lacework items and know full well I do not have the patience or the steady hand to do 40 cuts let alone 690. The effect is stunning.

  2. It'll be a while before I do another as my patience is limited too.

  3. WOW Joe is brilliant, please tell him how impressed I am with his work. I could not stand to put a plant in it, in case it overflowed with water and may dammage it. That is priceless, what a clever fellow :)

  4. Hi Sis, This man's work is truely amazing and as Donz sais "priceless" I wonder what it will be worth on one of those anteque shows on TV in about 50 or 60 years time. Ha Ha I'd like to be around then to see, if 'IT' still is, that is. But then I'd be somewhere around 120yrs old and might not be able to see or hear what it's worth.