Monday, May 17, 2010

Breakfast at our place.

This is Dad magpie and the two kids. The mother is up in the gum tree somewhere and won't come down until I leave. They really don't like to have the camera pointed at them. It's funny, the shy one has known me for several years yet still doesn't trust me. That's OK; they shouldn't trust humans.
It's almost time for the parents to start chasing the babies off as they're well able to fend for themselves now and soon the parents will mate again. It's always sad for me when I see the babies being ousted but that's the way it is in the bird world. Somebody said that it is only humans that allow their young to come back home to live.
The cold weather has prompted me to knit some socks; not my usual thing but fun just the same, so I'm going through my stash for odd balls to use. I love going through my stash as I've always forgotten what's in there and so it's a bit like finding lost treasure.
Gorgeous day today but still cold.
Bye for now until next time.


  1. You're right - it's best for wildlife to show a healthy distrust of humans! What kind of socks?

  2. Hello Not ready. I think I'll make children's socks so that I can use up small ends and then give them away.

  3. aawww thats so cute, what a beautiful big tree, lovely picture.

  4. I've been watching my little family of Magpies too Elsie, there's been a bit of racing back and forth making the rainbows and others scatter, quite a bit of family singing going on between them too which is always lovely to hear. I'm not looking forward to the young ones being turned out, those parents don't mess about do they*!*