Saturday, May 29, 2010


OK, so it's cold these mornings and you don't want to get out of bed. There's frost on the grass where the sunshine hasn't yet reached; it crackles under your slippers when you go out to feed the birds - and you wish you'd had the sense to put shoes on before you came out. Then you turn to go back into the house and there it is, something to gladden a grumpy heart, a spider's web encrusted with frozen dewdrops and sparkling like millions of tiny diamonds. The agapanthus head that you were too lazy to cut when the flower died has gained a new beauty, festooned with cobweb and more dewy diamonds. My camera didn't do them justice but I'm glad I got the photos anyway.
Our little farmhouse has been taken over by suburbia and in the not-too-distant future it and this wonderland around it will be no more so I'm collecting memories. This one was too good to miss. Frosty mornings have their compensations.
Bye for now until next time.


  1. They are gorgeous photos.
    I heard once that you can tell if there will be a frost the next morning because the spiders have to get rid of all their web so they spin masses of it out through the grass and into proper webs too.

  2. I love a dewy spider web in the morning and North appreciates one too. Got your parcel today- thank you!! Can't wait to peruse when I get a spare moment! xo m.

  3. Oh, Agapanthus - they are so beautiful. They were my mother-in-law's favourite flower. Wish we could grow them here!

  4. Kate you've just solved a mystery for me. So that's why the grass is sometimes covered with web. A pretty sight it is too.

    Meagan you're welcome. I hope you enjoy it.

    Not ready, they're among my favourites too.