Saturday, May 22, 2010

A dog of a different breed.

This little bloke caught my eye outside a restaurant when we stopped for a cup of coffee in Orford, Tasmania. For once I had my camera handy. I couldn't resist a picture. I'm trying to decide on his parentage; those ears could be basset but he's a little short (or should I say length challenged?). An obliging little fellow anyway.
Frosty here this morning. There was ice on the bird bath in our garden; a good reason to put off bathing in my opinion. Birds don't appear to notice the cold. I'm sure I wouldn't like to sleep in a tree in these temperatures. I know 4 deg celsius is hardly considered cold in some parts of this fair planet but I find it pretty chilly.
Lovely weather for sitting cosily beside the fire knitting. I'm half way up the first sleeve of a new cardigan for the man of the house; it's to be stripes of leftovers (in brown & bottle green) to replace the dreadful thing he wears in the shed which has been mended beyond recognition. Almost finished, one sleeve to go.
Hope you have had a nice weekend whether snuggling by the fire or relaxing on the beach. Bye for now, until next time.


  1. Thats really cute hey! some things people can come up with and do is just great. I have ants in my gargen, made the same way,I love all that stuff

  2. Cute! with half a Dachshund perhaps.

    It's starting to be cool enough for a fire in the evenings up here, so far only four have been lit.
    Raining here this morning so everything is still lovely and green.

  3. Annie, We Southerners find it hard to believe a fire is ever needed in your area, though I'm told the blood thins after a few years of living there and you can even find yourself wearing a cardigan.