Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Back At Last

Workmen have been digging at the end of our road, putting in huge water pipes which will bring the desalienated wated up from Gippsland to Melbourne. Regardless of what I think about the project, I get jolly annoyed when their excavations cause us to lose our telephone and consequently our internet. This is the 7th time in the past eighteen months and I confess that my sense-of-humour has been stretched to the limit. I am playing the glad game, I am glad that it was only a week this time, not 5 weeks as it was last year. Then it was the actual construction of the road that caused the problem. To add to our woes we are in an area that has a very poor mobile phone signal, so we are really isolated when our phone line is cut.
There, I've had a jolly good moan and now I can show you my socks.
My only venture into knitting socks, a very long time ago, was a pair I made for my then teenage son. He managed to put a great big hole in the heel within two wears, so socks lost their place on my things-to-knit list and I bought commercial socks for him.
Watching all the sock experts out there has renewed my taste for them and so I've taken up the four needles again.
Many years back, Mum taught me to knit socks (she used to knit them for her dolls as a child). Mum had a different and very easy way of turning the heel and wouldn't you know I've forgotten how to do it. Mum's not here to ask now but I found this pattern which is almost as good. I believe it is called a Dutch heel.
I'll stick with children's socks I think, as they grow out of them before they can wear them out.
Now I can hear great guffaws of laughter coming from the mother's of young tearways who go through there socks like a charge of dynamite. But if I give the socks away I won't know about the holes and for a brief time some little toes will be warm. That's enough to go on with.
Happy knitting everyone.
Bye for now until next time.


  1. The socks you made are adorable. I use sock yarns that have some nylon in them - otherwise they just don't wear well. I knit childrens socks for a charity called "The Warm Hands Network" who provide them to the Innu children of Northern Labrador. No matter how fast I knit them, the need outstrips the supply!

    Also, I put your blog forward for the Beautiful Blogger award. Pass it on!

  2. How lovely. Thank you not ready.
    I like the idea of the Warm Hands Network. I will investigate to see if I can join them.

  3. Well then, either socks have not changed, men just seem to still wear them out. I just paid $17 a pair x 5 pairs for my man. Within 4 days they had holes in the heels, what on earth do they do with them. I wonder if Im packing him enough lunch for work, because Im sure he must eat them lol.

  4. Not ready for hand spun, I would love to back you in promoting this lady for the beautiful blooger award, How on earth do I do that though lol x

  5. I love those Socks, I have been wanting to make some but hadn`t had the chance to do so, your doing great keep up the good work.

    P.S. If you want to make me a pair you can LOL

  6. Donz. Your bloke is doing great things for the economy - keeping a sock company in business.

    Thanks Cristy, The sock recipe is fun & really easy but unfortunately only for toddlers, I'm checking out an adult size.

  7. Check out this site it might give you some insight on how it`s done,

    If you have anymore questions feel free to ask.

  8. Those socks look like they would keep a pair of feet nice and warm.

    We all need to moan and groan every now and then, especially with what you have been having to put up with over the past 18 months!

  9. Annie, I don't know that moaning does much good, but it does seem to make us feel better temporarily. :)