Thursday, June 17, 2010

Surfacing again

I've been buried beneath a mound of Newsletter preparation for the past week and now that its finished I'm coming up for air.
Not ready for handspun, from the blog 'Minding My Own Stitches' has offered me a 'beautiful blog award'. You can't imagine how that pleased me and since she has asked me to pass it on I am now endeavouring to do that.
Please forgive me if I am not getting it right but I have no idea of blog protocol. I Googled the question and it seems that I must name 7 blogs to whom I wish to make the award and include their links in my post. I must also display the award on my blog. This is a problem for me as I don't know how to do that (tried unsuccessfully several times) Neither do I know how to 'link' but I will certainly name 7 of my favourite blogs.
Next I am to reveal 7 things about myself that you don't know. So here goes (in alphabetical order) my favourite blogs are:
Bimbimbie, Craftycountrymomma, ecomilf, Foxs Lane, Minding My Own Stitches, Miss Muggins, nunde. There are more, of course, but that's 7.
Seven things you don't know about me:
1. I've been married for almost half a century to the same beautiful man.

2. I can't go for more than 2 days without a chocolate hit.

3. I was once bitten by a Little Penguin. It took exception to me holding grass out of the way so my friend could photograph it
4. Though my two sisters and one of my daughters are taller than I am, I have the biggest feet.

5. I have a good head for heights but loathe flying.

6. I was once riding in a taxi when the front left-side wheel fell off it. It was not a very dramatic event. We were just starting off from the traffic lights when there was a dull 'CLUNK' and all forward motion ceased. Of course I was late getting where I was going and absolutely nobody believed my excuse.

7. I am completely potty about all birds and animals but my favourites are dogs, gorillas, orangutans, elephants, all the big cats and the birds that come into my garden, oh, and the possum that lives in our woodshed. Also I am tollerant of spiders.

Well there you are. If I've done this incorrectly, feel free to let me know. Gotta go now.
Until next time I'll say goodbye.


  1. I think you've done fine. It's just supposed to be a bit of fun! And I was interested to learn about your big feet. Mine are monstrously big!

  2. Not ready - getting nice shoes can be a problem, can't it?

  3. Hi, nice to know about your feet, I would have never guess that one.LOL. I also can`t go without my Chocolate hit either, give me my coffee & Chocolate & a Craft & I am very happy person.
    On the Chickens you asked me about I wish I could of foward the information to you but oh well this would have to work,I have notice with mine that the Roosters got their cone's before the Hens did & the cones are Bigger, plus they also jt Spurs.I am posting a couple of Links for you also.

    I hope this helps if not please let me know.

  4. Chocolate, birds, orangutans, elephants, big cats, possums and spiders see I knew there was more than one reason I liked you haha ;)

    Smiles from me to you Elsie*!*

  5. Thanks Cristy. I'll let my daughter know. She's hoping to have a hen or two among the chickens.

    Hello Annie, I suspect we might share a kindred spitit.

  6. Well, lots of things in common here. My feet are size 10 lol, I just love animals and would do about anything to save any of them.Fave are dogs. I love chocolate and star burst lollies. One thing not in common, cant sew, knit or do any craft work ,what so ever ha. Yep your a sure beautiful blogger

  7. Thanks Donz. You obviously have a big heart to match those big feet. :)