Monday, June 28, 2010

A cardigan for the shed.

Almost finished. Only the collar to be done (in black). I've made this cardigan for the man of the house. The one he wears in the shed (among the sawdust and wood shavings) has been mended so many times it is unrecognisable but you know what he does don't you? Yes, that's right, he wears the dreadful thing out in public, mends, darns and all. A raid on my leftovers stash produced enough wool to put this effort together and I am satisfied with it. If it does make it out to the shops I am not going to hide my face and pretend I don't know him.
Somewhere back in the 70s the dear man discovered that this style is his favourite (no buttons, easy to unzip if he gets too hot) and I've been making it roughly every couple of years ever since. I've lost count of how many. To vary them I usually put a cable or Aran pattern up each front. This is the first time I've used stripes. I was really lucky and found a nice black open-ended zip in our local op shop (I do love that place) and so the cardigan has cost me very little.
Oh dear. Now you may have guessed what he said when he tried it on, "It's too nice for the shed. I'll just wear one of my others out there and save this one until it's starting to look a bit old". Solution: I plan to make another in all sorts of bright, mismatched stripes and garish colours that he won't dare wear in public. Even then, I'm not taking any bets on whether that will work or not.

We've passed the shortest day and, theoretically, should be heading for warmer weather. I'm not convinced. I know we have at least another two months of freezing cold to go before Spring - perfect knitting-by-the-fire weather with a mug of cocoa to hand. Loverly.
Hope you're having a good day. Bye for now until next time.


  1. Well, that looks cool I think. Yep my man wears his work clothes out for dinner when we go once in a blue moon. He always looks great to me. Thank heavens he doesnt dress up too dapper as his just too good looking as it is. Its so funny how we all have our favourite clothing items and wear them to rags. The coulours in that blend really nice together, your man will love it.

  2. You never stop knitting do you Elsie? I havent knitted for quite some time and it is certainly the weather for it. I have a lot of blogs to catch up on and am so glad you are still at it.

  3. Donz. You just gotta luv em the way they are don't you? If we tried to change them they wouldn't be the blokes we fell in love with.

    Melanie, Good to hear from you. I've missed you.

  4. Elsie, well that's a nice compliment you received even if your plan didn't got to plan ... perhaps drop a few stitches in that next one then he's sure to think it has that worn in ready to wear in the shed look :)

  5. Oh no, not the "It's too nice ..." response. Mine does that as well. Drives me bonkers!

  6. Annie, The cardigan did actually make it to the shed today, but he took it off because he thought it might get dirty. Lol.

    Not ready - I'm beginning to think the bright colours & odd stripes might be the only answer.:)