Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bob's Rocking horse.

I thought you might like to see this dinky little rocking horse. Bob, one of our woodworkers enjoys making miniature toys that really work and this is his latest. I photographed the teaspoon with it so that you can see it's size. Those stirups (is that how you spell that?) are small key rings, and the horse really rocks back and forth like the full size model. The mane and tail are ravelled knitting yarn.
Bob has won prizes with some of his work and I love to see what he is going to think of next.
You should have heard the din here this morning. After lighting our fire I forgot to close it up (its a slow- combustion wood burner) and it got too hot. Our smoke detectors didn't like that one bit and made the most dreadful noise. Its good to know they work. After several minutes of madly fanning the detectors with a book (the nearest thing I could grab) they settled down again.
Memo to self: Don't do that again. My ears are still ringing.
The man of the house is taking me out for a spaghetti dinner tonight. Vegetarian lasagne, my favourite, Yum.
Bye for now until next time.


  1. Glad you stopped by my blog --- now I get to read yours!

    The little rocking horse is adorable! Bob does good work.

    Don't you HATE when the detectors go off. We have really high ceilings. Fanning does work. You just have to open windows and hope for the best. Every once in awhile ours will go off in the middle of the night for no good reason that we can tell. It's usually during a storm. I guess the ions get kicked up and it reads it as "smoke". LOL

    As for my experience with the blood lady ---she did apologize and say "that wasn't really what I meant". In my sweetest, most southern-accent voice I said, "that's okay. I knew EXACTLY what you meant." I'm sure she thought I was accepting her apology. I know -- I wasn't. :::giggling:::

  2. Hello Dee. Nice to meet you.
    Ooer - smoke detectors going off in the middle of the night would be really scary.

  3. Oh thats really cute, well done Bob. A little horse for thumbellina(dont know how to spell that) good old smoke alarms, what a great invention.Ours goes off when we cook toast, I think thats why my dad passed their huge toaster on to us as he never wanted it anymore.! Gee it sends our dogs crazy. Imagine two smoke alarms screaming, 5 dogs barking so loud at the kitchen door and the 2 cats running and dragging their butts around every corner in the house terrified, whilst my man waves the tea towel frantically to shut all the noise up. I laugh and laugh

  4. Donz - that paints quite a picture, ha ha:)