Monday, July 19, 2010

Meet Pedro

While we were away we had the pleasure of staying overnight at a private animal sanctuary. Friends of our daughter own a mountain top inland from Brisbane and rescue all sorts of native animals as well as a few abandoned horses. Once rehabilitated the animals are released but they all get names on their way through. Pedro is one of several orphaned grey kangaroo joeys. Mostly he sleeps in his home-made pouch unless he is feeling sociable and then he is free to hop around with the others. He is only a few months old and (if I remember correctly) will continue to be hand reared untill he is about 18 months old. Although they are not related Pedro is a 'big brother' to Katy. I think that's Katy on the right in the second photo. They are best buddies and can often be seen cuddling like children. I tried to get a picture but though I sat for ages they waited until I had put the camera away to comply.
I don't remember the details of their rescue, but most of the joeys are orphaned as a result of road accidents.
That's little May being bottle fed, she's a tiny wallaby joey, only about 30cms (12 inches) tall. I got to feed Pedro which I think was the highlight of my week.
Feeds for the babies range from every 4 hours or so to once or twice a day depending on their age - quite a job.
I'm supposed to be folding newsletters so I'd better get moving. The man of the house has promised me a cup of tea - lovely - so I'd better look as though I deserve it.
Bye for now until next time.


  1. Oh how beautiful. I would love to help work with animals like that, but theres no way on earth I could let them go again. What a credit to those people, good on them. Your man looks just as happy feeding the baby there, prob a long time since he bottle fed. What a lovely pic. Would have been my holiday highlight as well. Thanks for sharing the pics. AAwwww so cute x

  2. How incredibly cute! Being way up here in the USA in Ohio, I really have little concept of kangaroos, so this is especially fascinating. I'm glad they are taking care of the orphans.

  3. Donz, they are special people, and yes, that weekend was special for the man of the house too.

    Laurie, I've never had the experience of being surrounded by so many - adult animals as well, many with joeys in the pouch.

    Not Ready, they are adorable.

  4. Elsie I wish I lived next door to them I'd help with the feeds. I remember one day looking out of a window to see two mum wallabies standing right at the side of our house watching their joeys play box it was the cutest thing to see their little arms hanging onto to one another to steady themselves as they pushed and shoved and then one would get a rush of adrenalin and run around in little bursts come back and off the other one would go*!*

  5. Annie they're captivating. I don't remember when I've enjoyed a weekend so much.