Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wherelse but Queensland

Yep, that's where we've been for the past week. Oh, bliss! Warm hands, warm face, warm feet. Breakfast on the verandah in the morning sunshine. And into the bargain we got to stay with our youngest daughter and her husband who abandoned ship (Melbourne) and washed up in the Sunshine State about 4 years ago. We packed so much into that short week and yes, I did use my camera this time. At present I'm working on the monthly newsletter that I write for the wood workers, so I haven't time to play with my holiday pics, but I'll get to them s.a.p.
Look what bloomed while we were away and was waiting for us when we got home - my lovely kootamundra wattle - ooh it makes the Winter just that wee bit easier to bear. Kootamundra is actually listed as a weed in our area, what a pity. And here is Mr. Magpie too. A friend took this pic for me as I'm slightly challenged in the photography area.
The man of the house has just brought a hot drink to me (bless him) Warming my hands on the cup is really pleasant so I get to enjoy it twice.
I hope you're having a nice weekend wherever you are. Bye for now until next time.


  1. Very nice photo of the magpie. I've never seen one before. I'm looking forward to some of your holiday pics!

  2. Oh your maggie was waiting for you both lol. Thats so special, they are such a part of your family.Were the other 2 there as well, as its 3 in that family or have I got that wrong ? Glad you enjoyed your holiday and welcome back to the freezing cold lol. You seem to get very waited on with your cuppaslol, with all you do, you so deserve it x

  3. Not Ready, They have a lovely melodious call, each as individual as our fingerprints are to us, though still recognisable as a magpie call.

    Donz, there are actually 4 though they don't always come together when I call them and often only the male will come. And yes, I am spoiled; if the man of the house is making a cuppa for himself he always brings one to me.

  4. Hi Elsie, do all your Magpies have such a white back as this one?

  5. Hello Annie, Those in our area appear to, some even moreso, the white stretching down to the tail area. The female and the young are the same but the white back is more grey than white. I noticed, when visiting our son in Bright, Vic. their magpie markings are different, being less white on the back, more like those I saw in Queensland.