Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My creative place.

Thick white frost on the grass outside, 6 deg celcius in my kitchen but here by my fireside and my sunny window - bliss. Today I'm spinning real wool with the luxury of pre carded tops that my brother sent to me as a present. Though I enjoy spinning the natural wool straight from the sheep's back, this is much less work and very pleasurable. Plying the yarn comes next and then dying it. Haven't decided what colour yet. Something to look forward to. The last lot was this rather vibrant green, I think I'm over that.
Toddling down the yard to feed the magpies this morning in my jammies and slippers was a chilly experience. Those birds really have very good staff. The man of the house says I need my head examined.
Hope you're warm and comfy wherever you are.
Bye for now until next time.
PS the towell under the spinning wheel is to protect the carpet from grease when I oil the wheel.


  1. Things are quite warm hereabouts, even at 5:30am when the birds wake us to demand more food. We get lots of orioles and they have a decided preference for Concord Grape Jelly. We need to refill that feeder daily!

    Your studio looks like a nice, sunlit, cozy place!

  2. Hello Not Ready. Birds are knowing little things aren't they? I imagine them ticking us off their shopping list each day and moving on to the next free meal. :)

  3. wow you have been busy I can see; Little fury creatures, sure let us know when its feeding time dont they.Its freezing here, heater on 25 and still in flan pjs and feet like ice blocks lol.

  4. Donz our heater is struggling too. It's hard to leave a nice warm bed these mornings.

  5. Wow Elsie, I'm afraid my Maggies have to wait till I'm dressed and in a jacket before they get to have their left over porridge. These last couple of days I've been very happy with my central heating ... the hot water bottle up my jumper is great for when I'm sitting ;)

    All that spinning would keep your hands nice and warm but it's not the right weather for getting them wet with the hand dying I bet*!*

  6. No Annie, I confess I'm saving the dying for warmer weather.:)