Monday, January 17, 2011

Back again

This may not look like much to you but it is the result of the whole morning yesterday, spent at the band saw cutting out some prams for the end of the year. Next is a session at the sander to get rid of the rough edges then they must be assembled. The man of the house does that with me holding bits in place while he uses the nail gun. (which I can use but prefer not to) And finally there's the painting. There's actually another ten to cut out. That'll keep us busy for most of the year.
The band saw is my favourite tool in the workshop. I believe that if you can follow a line with a sewing machine then you can use a bandsaw. Mind you a sewing machine is a lot less nerve wracking - you need to concentrate with a bandsaw as mistakes on either wood or fingers can't be unpicked.
The woodworking club is having an auction of no-longer-required machinery, the proceeds of which will be donated to the Flood Appeal. It's great to see so many folk wanting to help.
We are having visitors from Canada next week. Much cleaning being done here though they already know that I am very untidy. I just hope I can remember where I've put things when I want them again. I had no idea I had so many knitting magazines. I'm being awfully good; the op-shop has had a couple of shipments so far and more to go.
Gotta go now I can hear the man of the house weilding a vaccuum cleaner. Better go and do my share. Bye for now until next time


  1. Oh my stars, you are working on a bandsaw?? My goodness you are clever to be able to work one LOL I will stick to my crochet hook much safer for me :))..
    Sounds like you are in for a lot of fun, trying to find things after a clean up is a night mare LOL...
    Enjoy your visitors .. see you next time :))

  2. Kudos for the man of the house - useful with a nail gun and a vacuum! And kudos to you for being so industrious with all those power tools!

  3. Great to see you and your man can role reverse in the house and the shed lol. With the pram wood cuttings in the pic above,How many prams would that make for those pieces? Enjoy your visiters ,and at least you get to have a spring clean in January lol.

  4. Pat, A crochet hook is certainly more friendly & soothing. Creative too. What's not to like? :)

    Minding my Own - I think I won the lottery. He was definitely first prize.

    Donz - There are enough parts for six prams, wheels yet to be made. A spring clean is actually fun, I'm finding things I forgot I had.

  5. Woodworking? Wow!! I've always been fascinated...but too fond of my fingers to try. LOL!

  6. I know my hubby would love to join you in these projects - alas we no longer have a garage for him to play in. All his toys are packed away.
    Can you please show each of your finished toys close up?

  7. I know, Laurie. Those machines are really scary. For me the trick is not to work for too long - you get careless when you get tired.

    Maria, Lots of our members come along to the club to use machines that they don't have or have room for at home. The companionship is a bye-product. You've given me a project, I'll get my camera to work.