Saturday, January 22, 2011


Pulling my gardening gloves on to do a bit of weeding, it became obvious that something was already occupying one of the fingers. It felt a bit prickly, like perhaps a bit of dried grass, so I thought I'd investigate. You remember that thing you used to do when you were little? You know, look under the bed before you got into it at night, or just check in the wardrobe to make sure there were no aliens/boogey men/evil goblins (strike out whichever doesn't apply) then make sure the door was firmly shut. Well I usually do the equavilant of that with gardening gloves, just to ensure that they are not harbouring some kind of insect world fugitive. But I didn't do it this time, and you guessed it, something had claimed prior occupation. Poor little thing was no match for my great big fist, however, and came off second best.
It's only a little house spider. They never get any bigger than this (her legs are curled up beneath her) and are not at all aggressive, in fact they're very timid. Given to building their home in cracks around doors and windows, they usually duck out of sight when I approach, so I can't imagine what made this one choose to take up residence in my glove but it was definitely a poor life decision.
You can bet I'll give my gloves a jolly good check out before I put them on in future.
Bye for now, until next time.


  1. One of a gardeners dread..... Makes me shivver LOL
    As in gum boots.. I make DH check them out and then stomp on the gloves... LOL
    you know, one has thoughts of redback spiders, or those dreaded black ones.. Nooo spiders are spiders..
    But.... I have had the pleasure of seeing a beautiful green spider here in our garden and I did look after that one.. so different to others..
    hugs pat in tas :))

  2. I'm nervous of gum boots too. Pat - moreso than gloves, I think. :(

  3. Maria I used to be terrified of spiders but once I began to study them I have developed an affection for the more harmless ones like this one. Nuts, I know but it's easier than being terrified. I felt sad that I'd accidentally killed this one.

    Laurie, I know the eek feeling well.

  4. I have a few big huntsmen that live in my house. They travell around to where the light is on and eventually ends up in my bedroom at the end of the night as its the last light on. I name them lol. Petunia lived here for 5 yrs. I leave them alone as they do eat white tails. I hate white tails, but Im not afraid of spiders, but dont really like red backs either.It does annoy me as I cant keep up with spider webs outside. We sat and studied a web the other day, and what precision they are built with. All identical lines, just so perfect. I knock them down and thier back over night, just amazing really, makes me feel awful sometimes, as imagine if we had to build our house everyday lol.

  5. Donz. Aren't the webs beautiful? I like to see them when the morning mist gets on them. But I really don't like going out at night in the spider season. Walking into a web is really creepy.