Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Among my treasures.

I read a quote a while back from A.A. Milne, that said (paraphrasing because I've forgotten the exact wording), "One of the nicest things about being disorganised is that one is always making exciting discoveries." How true Mr. Milne. My life is one continuous adventure. Yesterday I went looking for the one-hole-punch and turned up all sorts of things I'd forgotten I had and, yes I did eventually find the punch. But here's something I thought you might like to see. It's a crocheted baby outfit that my Mum made for me when I was a baby. I was born on Christmas Eve one very hot summer 72 years ago and this little set is made from a silky sort of thread that isn't available any more. Mum gave the set to me when our first baby was born but being a July baby, the outfit was too cool for her to wear. To be honest I wasn't game to dress her in it as by that time it was 25 years old and I thought it might be a bit too fragile. It's been tucked away in a plastic bag in a drawer all these years and, of course, has yellowed a little with age (haven't we all?). The bootees are knitted on fine needles, about 2 or 2.5 mm. The waist had a ribbon tie, now missing, I suspect because Mum said she found me one day with most of it down my throat. Using that as a lesson I never put ribbon ties on any of my babies' garments.
I suppose the set is just about a museum piece now and should be packed in something a little more respectful than a battered old plastic bag.
Do you know. I'll bet Mum didn't even have a pattern for this outfit - she could do things like that - just look at a garment, count the chains, double crochets, trebles etc. and away she'd go.
Must be off now. I hope you're having a nice day wherever you are. Bye for now until next time.


  1. Beautiful.. What a treasure.. I reckon you looked pretty in it too :))
    hugs pat in tas :))

  2. That's an interesting comment about babies and ribbon, yet most of the patterns I have use ribbons. Go figure!

    I also agree with pattas that this is a beautiful piece.

  3. What a gorgeous little outfit. Definitely needs protecting. Your Mother was very skilful.
    And your comment about ribbons is the reason I have always steered away from patterns with them :-)
    BTW - We share nearly the same birthday, just 4 days and -- years difference :-)

  4. Thanks Pat. I think it would look lovely on any baby.

    Richard I notice the modern trend in knitting is for pull-on caps with no ties. Perhaps the penny has dropped after all.

    Maria. An awful time to have a birthday, isn't it? :)

  5. I've been blogging forever, and it still amazes me how many times I'll find a fun blog that I was totally unaware of before. That's what happened to me this morning. You have such beautiful posts. That little outfit wonderful.

  6. I LOVE that quote - it sums me up perfectly, too! :-)

    You are so lucky to have that wonderful layette! I don't know what happened to most of my baby clothes, however, I still have many amazing handsewn and handknit Barbie doll clothes that my mother made. Priceless stuff!

  7. Thank you Caroline, Looking in on your blog I know I will enjoy your posts too.

    Laurie they are priceless aren't they? I think the love that went in to their creation makes them moreso.