Sunday, March 27, 2011

Flowers for You

This morning I was wandering about in a local garden with my camera and thinking of all the lovely people who visit my blog. Do you know, when I started to write here eighteen months ago I didn't, for one minute, believe I would be able to keep going. For goodness sake, I lead a pretty ordinary sort of life and can't manage to get done most of the crafts I'd like to do, how could I possibly find something to post on a blog for others to read? But you are a lovely lot and it gives me such a thrill when I find that someone has stopped by. I find it exciting to receive comments from across the world and at the other end of my country as well as just around the corner. And isn't it marvellous that although we were reared in different places, at different times, underneath we have pretty much the same basic values with kindness to others coming out on top.
So thank you, dear readers, and please enjoy this little snatch of autumn sunshine and best wishes that come with these roses.
Bye for now until next time.


  1. Lovely flowers, the colour is stunning :))
    Loving the Autumn sunshine,the rain, and would you believe snow is on the way !!
    Have a great week hugs pat in tas :))

  2. Pretty! We're sooooo looking forward to a bit of spring here. A bit more sunshine should melt the rest of the snow, and by midweek we should have temps several degrees above freezing. Finally.

  3. Hello Pat. Autumn is my favourite season and beautiful in Tasmania. I hope you will enjoy your snow - brrr.

    Minding My Own. I can't imagine living with snow but I should think it would make Spring very welcome.

  4. What a nice post. I've felt the same way about my blogging experience. I've "met" so many kindred spirits and gotten so much inspiration through reading blogs.

    Your rose picture is so pretty. I live in a hot area of California, so I'm enjoying our long, chilly spring this year. I know the hot weather will come soon enough!

  5. I just found your blog -- and I share your feelings. I wasn't quite sure what I was doing when I started to blog, but the sense of community is what keeps me going!

  6. Hello Caroline. I visited California some years back and found it a little like Victoria. I imagine we have similar weather. I hope you're enjoying your Spring.

    Caffeine Girl. Pleased to meet you. Thanks for dropping in. I am enjoying meeting so many kindred spirits.

  7. Thank you for the roses and the lovely post. We're nowhere near having roses yet here in Ohio, where it's an early, cold, wet, nasty spring.

    Blogging has helped me work through a depression and start feeling like there is good in the world again. I'd lost that feeling, but you and many others have helped me get it back again. :-)