Monday, March 7, 2011

From little things

These are really boring, aren't they? Bits of dowelling that look like firewood. In fact they're the handles of the little prams that the man of the house and I have been making at the woodworkers club to which we both belong. Looking at them I get all philosophical: plain, little and ordinary they may be but our prams would be incomplete without them. The wheels require more work. The man of the house tucks himself away in his shed whith his band-saw, cutting out lots of flat discs which he then has to shape, on the lathe, into the wheels. Not for me the lathe work. I'm not very good at it. A few more weeks down the track and we'll have some prams ready to paint. Here's one that we made earlier. The quilt is one of my few attempts at patchwork. I leave this to the lovely ladies of the patchwork group in a neighbouring suburb, who made a hundred of them last year, all different patterns.
This year, due to a shortage of wood, we are only making thirteen little prams. The generous man who used to supply us with the offcuts from his business (and more than offcuts quite often) has retired and so our supply has dropped off a bit. We wish him a happy retirement anyway. So we woodies are in scrounge-mode and every so often someone will arrive with a car load of useful timber that has been donated to us. People love to help.
Autumn is having a last shot at hot weather down here and today is steamy and sticky.
Must go now. Hope you are having a good day. Bye until next time.


  1. It looks to me that you've done a fine job on that little patchwork quilt! And the prams are adorable. I hope you find a source for more offcuts soon!

  2. Hello Minding My Own, something always seems to turn up. As I said, people love to help.

  3. I love this style of pram - beautiful job

  4. I love it.. There is a little girl out there who will cherish it.. :))
    The little quilt is cute too..
    I am sure there is a someone out there who would only be to willing to give you the off cuts :))
    Best wishes Pat in tas :))

  5. Maria I keep promising to make one for myself - I never did grow up Lol.

    Pat we don't get to see the children with the toys but we still get pleasure from making them. More supplies will come in I'm sure, probably in smaller quantities. We have some very generous donors.

  6. OMgosh, that is adorable! My father used to make stuff like this. When he died, we had just started talking about starting a business. I always think of him and smile when I see things like your wonderful pram.

  7. Dads and hand-made toys go together don't they Laurie? They bring back lovely memories.