Sunday, May 22, 2011

Messy Monday.

This uninspiring, un-beautiful mess is where I spent most of my day today. When all those pieces of wood are sorted they will become kits for pencil cases. We at the woodworker's club have a program that we call 'Kits for Kids'. We cut out kits for, not only pencil cases, but breakfast trays and small tool boxes. This year we are adding shopping-list boards and mug trees as well. We drill holes for the nails so that the wood won't split, then sell the kits for a nominal fee (we're a not-for-profit club) to local organisations such as schools, church children's groups and sometimes to groups for the active elderly in retirement homes etc.
When we get 150 kits together, we will be off to the local Special School where, with the assistance of the teachers, we help the children there to make up the kits. The children that attend this school are intellectually challenged to varying degrees but they are able to weild a bottle of glue and whack a nail with a hammer and love doing so. When the job is finished they have something they can take home and present to their parents with great pride.
For me, having a child come to me, hugging his work to his chest, smiling as he thanks me for helping him and announcing "You're my best friend." is the highlight of my day and always leaves me with a rosy feeling.
I always remember to take my ear plugs with me cos its a really noisy time.
Must go now. I hope yours was a nice week-end.
Bye for now until next time.


  1. What a great thing to be involved in! I'm sure the kids love it; we loved that sort of thing when we were kids. My sister made my Mom a round wooden trivet with her initial made from contrasting dowel pegs. Mom treasured it.

  2. such a wonderful idea..I am sure the kids will enjoy creating something..always inspiring.

  3. My goodness you are a busy person :)) How wonderful to be able to help others in the way you do ..
    And to receive a hug at the end of it, great way to complete the project :))

  4. Minding my own: Yep, I've got a wonky pot stand, a lopsided coffee mug and a very original looking coffee table with which I'll never part. Valueless to anyone else but me. :)

    Vikki it's wonderful to see their delight.

    Pat I don't know who benefits most. I know we get a great deal of pleasure from the day.

  5. Wonderful post.It always seems that when you "meet"someone who seems to be content and happy that you'll eventually find that they spend time doing things for others!

  6. Caroline, there's an awful lot of pleasure to be had in making someone else feel happy, so I suppose, in the long run, I'm being selfish. Lol. :)

  7. Hehe just read your last comment - so Elsie, may you grow more selfish in your woodworkings ;)

  8. Cheers Annie, There's still lots to do so indulging myself will be easy. :)