Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Old time sparkles.

With beading so popular today I thought you might like to see these necklaces from a craft article of 1928. This magazine is The Australian Woman's Mirror. from July 1928 and is interesting to compare with today's magazines. Apart from the lack of gossipy articles on who's sleeping with whom or pregnant to whomever else, the articles are pretty much the same as we have today. Lots of recipes, home hints, craft patterns and jokes, the instructions for making these two little necklaces are there too. That little one is a choker.
I really like beadwork, the blingier the better, with lots of sparkles etc. and have a shoe box of saved up beads waiting for me to turn them into something magnificent. Another one of those 'one-of-these-days' projects - sigh. Humans don't live for 200 years, that's my problem, because that's how long I'd need for all my 'one-of-these-days' projects.
Anyway, I have a newsletter to get out and here I am nattering on to you. Gotta go. Hope you are warmer than I am, it's freezing here today.
Bye for now until next time.


  1. I am so pleased you love "Bling" LOl the more the better I say :))
    As for being warmer, well the fire is a great help, but I don't like the cold at all.. I think it is always warmer when it rains :))
    Keep warm ..;)

  2. I can just imagine those with a flapper style dress! I just love wandering through old magazines.

  3. Pat, when people tease me about living in chilly old Melbourne I always say airily, "Oh I don't mind the cold." but Nana used to warn me that I'd get a pimple on my tongue when I fib. Guess who's got a pimply tongue. Lol.

    Minding My Own: me too and one of my favourite recipes came from an old wartime magazine.

  4. Our fire is working overtime too, Pat.

    Minding my own I enjoy old mags too and have found some interesting recipes in some of them.

  5. My aunt, who died over twenty years ago, had a collection of old knitting magazines that I kind of inherited when my parents went to clean out her apartment. I loved them, but I didn't take good care of them and they're practically in tatters now. Boo hoo!

    Hope you're staying warm. I, on the other hand, am clinging to our last days of nice, cool weather. We have another week of reprieve I see by the weather report:)

  6. What a treasure trove, Caroline. Its easy to be wise after the event, isn't it? I sometimes think I should be wearing gloves to read my magazines, but I don't