Sunday, November 27, 2011

Last Chance Monday

I know it says Sunday in Blogland but over here in Oz it's Monday and the last one before our big Gala Day at the weekend. That's when we will give away all our toys. There will be others working through the week but I won't be able to attend. Today I painted lots of blue paint on lots of aeroplane wings - not an exciting job but we've got to get them all finished today so that they can be assembled in time. (it's all go in the paint shed with everyone getting in everyone else's way). I grabbed one of the 20 little beds for a photo, with one of the little crochet covers that have been donated to us. I'm never going to win any prizes for my photography. The legs aren't crooked and there is no white paint on the bed, that's flash glare. And here's another picture of the little trains that we do. They're a lovely tough toy and will take a fair bit of punishment before they have to come back for repairs. That's what's so good about wooden toys - they can be mended when they're played with a little too enthusiastically.
Must go now. I hope you have had a good weekend.
Bye for now until next time.


  1. I would have loved a little bed like that when I was little! You all make so many lovely things!

  2. My little grandson would love the train.. You are all very talented ppl.. Well done, the world is a better place :))

  3. Minding my own, I'd have loved the bed too. We get so much pleasure from making the toys and the fun of giving them away is hard to beat.

    Pat, the train seems to be very popular and among the first to be chosen when parents are selecting a toy.