Thursday, December 1, 2011

An experiment.

With the discomfort that I have had of late with my thumb, I thought I'd drag out the knitting machine and give it a run. A really simple project is a pair of mittens which I made up in an hour or two. They turned out well and fitted the man of the house perfectly, but the enjoyment of clicking away with my trusty needles just wasn't there. Into the bargain there was a lot more sewing involved as the thumb has to be knitted separately and sewn in place. So back to the handknitting it is. I made another pair on two needles and one pair on four DPNs. The DPNs win hands down (oops, sorry for the pun). In the first picture I've photographed one mitt from each handknit pair. That's the two needle job on the left with the seam down the side. The pair in the second picture is the machine knit ones. The only thing better about them is the nice smooth knitting and the neat rib in the cuff. I'll keep on with mittens for a while as I plan to give them to the nearest collector for the homeless. These are pure wool and lovely and cosy - plus the colour is more serviceable for the life they will lead.
Must be off now. It's the woodworkers annual dinner tonight and I must get ready.
I hope you will have a wonderful weekend.
Bye for now until next time.


  1. I wouldn't have the patience to attach a separate thumb either. Isn't it great how quickly mitts work up? I like the old standards - simple and serviceable :)

  2. you have done a wonderful job with both pairs of mitts, A lovely idea also to pass them onto the homeless :))

  3. Minding My Own, I am enjoying making mitts. It is hard to resist the temptation to add some embelishment but I'll keep it for something more appropriate.

    Pat, with such a yarn stash as mine (hiding face with embarrassment here) giving finished work away is a happy solution.