Monday, January 25, 2010

Just for fun

You know those trauma dolls that lots of organizations make to comfort children in hospital? They're supposed to be made up in plain calico and left without features so that the little patients can finish them off themselves with a felt tipped marker. They're just a plain cookie-cutter shape and really easy to make and after making a few and sending them off, I thought it might be fun to make one up as a finished doll. I made the legs a little longer by adding some shoes on the bottom and I think I should have made the arms a bit longer too. I drew the face on with some pens that are made for that purpose and added some mohair knitting yarn for hair. She should be very easy to dress because of her naive shape and I'm looking forward to making her some clothes. Not yet though, a bit of self-discipline needed here, there's another three dolls waiting for some gear (half way through 2 outfits and haven't started the other) Still, at least she's got some panties so all is right and proper.
Our daughter and her family are due home from Canada and the States tomorrow. One more sleep. It's been eleven long weeks and I can't wait. I'll bet Pepper will be pleased to see them too.
Hope you're having a really good day at your place. Bye for now until next time.


  1. Very cute doll! Maybe, a couple of months in, there may be quite a few little Haitians who might like some. Will look into any sites to make and send some.

  2. Her face is pretty, did you paint it on?, would be great to give her some fingers somehow

  3. Weezie I can't remember where I got the pattern but I bet the Country Womens Assoc. would have it or if you like I could scan it and e-mail it to you and you could get it enlarged.

    Donz I drew the face using special pens that are made for marking cloth. They're called Pigma Micron and are permanent, waterproof & fadeproof. As for the fingers, if I make any more I may add them.

  4. If this doll reminds me of my favorite Grimms’ witty Gingerbread man, I am willing to sew doll clothes for 18 inch doll just to force me do a bigger version of it. I’m an amateur sewer but I think that while having your great blog as my initial user’s manual will sketch a better future for me. = ) As for me, as a beginner may I say, clothing for 18 inch dolls would be a great start.