Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Quandry

I'm finishing off the clothes for the latest little doll that I'm dressing, here she is in her undies. Not a makeover this time, just some new clothes.
I wondered what mothers of little ones think about buttons on doll's clothes. I love to finish the little garments off with buttons and buttonholes or press studs but of course they're a choking hazard. Learning to do up buttons helps little fingers to become dexterous and they have buttons on their own clothing; however, some kids have a real 'mouth thing' and everything goes in there, so buttons could get chewed off anything. Velcro is definitely the safer option but it sticks to everything and is a real pain in the neck. Of course I'll ask my friend, whose doll I am dressing. It was her daughter's and she plans to put it away in case she becomes a grandma one day, so it will probably be played with by little children.
I think I've just answered my own question - Velcro is the safer option. I'll save buttons for competition dolls clothes but I'd love to hear the views of a mother or two.
Our daughter, her husband and the boys came home yesterday. A joyous reunion - 11 weeks is such a long time. Their little dog Pepper wagged his little tail until I thought it would fall off then jumped into their car without a backward glance. Oh perfidious Pepper. Lol. Not very flattering. Time for our walk now. It will feel strange not stopping at every post.
Bye for now until next time.


  1. It's nice to have family home again, isn't it!

  2. Lovely, Not Ready. The boys (teenagers)have grown while they were away and seeing how another country lives has added to their mental growth as well.

  3. Oh the little doll is so pretty, you are just so lovely to care for all the little dolls that are sometimes forgoten. Tell me about dog minding, My man and I dog sat our local doctors dog for a month as he took his family overseas for xmas.It was madness here as we have 5 of our own, but whats one more lol. It had a wonderful time playing , swimming,going for walks and eating venason that my man went and boned out as cruel horrid humans shot and just left their. Im glad the dogs had many feeds from it as at least it gets to live on in them, cruel humans. When the doc returned, his dog just bolted to their car and never looked back, or even got out for a pat to say goodbye!. I wonder if they truley enjoy sleep overs at other houses. Im starting to think they dont as they cant wait to get back home obvisouly. It made me feel that it never had fun lol.Welcome home to your daughter, son in law and boys xx

  4. Donz. I know the feeling but that's what dogs do. To expect otherwise is to set ourselves up for disappointment. I think sleepovers are probably pretty traumatic for them. I read that it takes at least three weeks for a dog to settle into a new environment. Poor them. We can only be satisfied that we've done our best for them while we had them with us.