Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A bear's tale.

Once there was a lovely, sunny golden, woolly sweater that had seen too many trips to the wash tub and had become a little thickened. The sweater's owner decided to take it to the op-shop where it ended up in a basket of woollies suitable for dog's bedding. Then along came a woman who just loves to work embroidery on thickened woollies and turn them into something else: hot water bottle covers, cushions, tote bags, pin cushions, the list goes on. This time the woman looked at the sweater and thought, "That would make a lovely teddy bear." and so the sweater went home with her. Sorry doggies, the next sweater can be for you.
The bear was made up with the wrong side outside as the fabric looked better that way. He was cut out using a paper pattern and sewn up on a sewing machine with polyester thread because that has some stretch and won't snap easily. He is stuffed with fibre fill which the woman just happened to pick up at the op-shop on a previous trip. His eyes are safety eyes but could just as easily be embroidered on as is his nose and mouth. The pattern is one that was put out by Tonia Todman several years ago.
There was enough of the sweater left to make another teddy plus a couple of pin cushions, which the woman is going to enjoy embroidering with flowers, and a pot-holder for the kitchen. The remaining scraps can be used to stuff the pincushions. Wool is really good for pincushions as steel needles & pins inserted in it won't rust.
It's a magnificent day here in Melbourne today. Hope you are enjoying yours wherever you are. Bye for now until next time.


  1. Now that's really inspired recycling! What an adorable bear. He's sure to cheer up everyone he meets.

  2. Clever, clever, clever - such a cute little bear

  3. Thank you ladies. With felting so popular at present it seemed like a good use for an old sweater.

  4. Don't let Christopher Robin see him ;) well done, he's a gorgeous looking bear*!*

  5. Thanks Annie. Being wool he'll have to learn to dodge the moths, but a few darns may add to his personality :)