Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Feral UFOs

The problem with stashes is that they can be difficult to control - or mine is anyway. Yarn purchased because I just can't resist the colour or price gets tucked away until I can find a use for it. Of course the cupboard gets too full so then various boxes and other hidey holes come into play. You need a really good memory for this kind of stashing, or else a very good filing system. Guilty Your Honour; I have neither, so when, inspired by all the lovely work I see when I go blog hopping, I went looking for the baby shawl I started yonks ago, a shameful shock awaited me. UFOs, WIPs, and WWTBS (that last one is 'work waiting to be started) are threatening to take over my place. I spent a good hour, sorting them into some kind of order, but really it was merely an exercise in moving the deckchairs on the Titanic. The iceberg didn't get any smaller. So here are just a few. The patchwork is the present WIP, a baby blanket. The purple and the pale blue are to be cardigans for me one day (they're the WWTBS) and the fair isle is a UFO.
I realised why I didn't finish the latter. It was going to be the sleeve of a child's sweater but all those little loopy bits at the back will get caught in little fingers and drive some poor Mum mad. So it will have to be pulled out and knitted with the loops woven in. Enthusiasm is in short supply for that project just now so it will go back into the cupboard. And since the others will take me at least three months to get through - probably longer at my rate of knitting - I'd better get busy.
So what am I sitting here for? I'll see you next time. Bye for now.
PS. I never did find the shawl .


  1. I can definitely empathize with you with the UFOs, WIPs and WWTBSs as well as the disorganised collection of yarns. I currently have 3 WIPS, 4 UFOs, countless WWTBSs and a cupboard full of yarn waiting to be sorted, rewound and filed while we figure out what we're going to make with it.

  2. Richard, since joining the blog world I have discovered that we are definitely not alone in our affliction. Lol.:)