Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Can you resist a gadget? I can't - hopeless. Its one of the traits that I inherited from my Mum. Back when I was a little girl Mum actually belonged to a gadget club which sent her a different kind of gadget every month. Many of the weird wonders that came our way are still in existance today and lots fell by the wayside. Handbag holders (to hang your bag from a table), honey pourers, bread slicers, a quick flip egg lifter for flipping pancakes and many more all got their chance to strut their stuff at our place before they went on the market.
Anyway, today I found this at the op-shop; it shouted to me, "Take me, I'm yours." and I didn't need a further invitation. I've had a go at using it and although I'd probably get quicker and less ham-fisted in time, I don't feel the need to abandon my trusty knitting needles.
The idea is interesting anyway. The stitches are achieved by pushing the threaded eye of the needle through a previous stitch, grabbing the loop that results and holding it while you withdraw the needle and take the next stitch. You must then push the needle through another stitch as well as the one you're holding, grab that loop and withdraw the needle again ready to take the next stitch. All this must be accompanyied with the appropriate mutterings such as, "Go through, darn you." and "Now what have I done wrong?"
So, back to the knitting needles. I mutter at them too sometimes, but we've got used to eachother.
Gotta go now. The kitchen floor needs a wash. Looks like being a nice weekend here. Hope you enjoy yours.
Bye for Now until next time.


  1. My husband is the gadget lover in house but I am such a slow knitter that that might be just the one for me. Oh and I'm so pleased to hear I'm not the only one that talks to her knitting needles.
    have a happy weekend.

  2. Kate, for a slow knitter you churn out a fair amount of work.

  3. So that is what it is for.. I bought mine some years ago from St Vinnies, (just for the sake of having it I collect crochet hooks,) never knew what to do with it, .. good to know others talk to their work, It's OOOH or grrrrr... LOL.. great to see you are nearly local.. and a great day here as well..Thankyou for your kind comment on my blog.. :))

  4. So - is that supposed to be easier than knitting??? ;-)

  5. Pattas. I bought mine from sheer curiosity. I think the same results could be had with a large eyed bodkin. It has a pattern book with it.
    I really like Tasmania. Would have brought it home with me if I could have.

    Janna. Possibly though I don't thing it is. Also it makes a denser fabric which probably uses more wool.

  6. Very funny. My mum can't resist a gadget either. She bought me these plastic balls you put in with your washing so that you don't need to use detergent. I don't trust them one bit- have barely used them as a result! xo m.

  7. Meagan I'd have my doubts about them too. I wonder if they work?