Friday, September 17, 2010


Much as I like garter stitch and enjoy making rugs, every now and then I get a yen to knit something pretty (there is a limit to my Capricorn practicality). I love to knit lace and enjoy the concentration that it requires. I found this pattern in a book of knitting for dolls and have found that it fits a newborn baby quite well. I changed the instructions a bit and knitted the sleeves and yoke all in one instead of in separate pieces that need sewing together. I don't like bulky seams on baby things and no matter how I try I find a flat seam never looks as neat as I want it to.
Note the absence of buttons. The knitters group, that I will give it to, has a supply on hand and instructed me to leave the buttons to them to sew on. This group collects knitteds for Monash Newborn Centre which, I think, covers several types of needs from tiny prem babies to those whose Mums are finding times difficult at the moment. Its nice to think that my stash can be useful.
Are you a compulsive wool buyer? Me too. If its pretty and going at a good price I can't resist it. Do I need therapy?
Just finished another newsletter. Time to catch up on some sewing. A good day to be indoors, Spring is really not trying very hard but we've had some marvellous rain. The states dams are over 45% full now so that's something to be really glad about.
Must go now. Bye until next time.


  1. Had to laugh - your first sentence seemed to be straight out of my mouth ☺
    Very pretty set for the babies

  2. Maria, comes from being both Capricorns perhaps. (I think you said your are a Capricorn)

  3. that is just beautiful, to think back to when our children could have worn that, where did the time go? yep go the capricorns,Im one too lol

  4. What a lovely knitted ensemble! The light yellow color is perfect for a little girl or for a doll clothing. I'm planning of making doll clothing for my little girl, Denise. She's collecting lots of doll clothes, for 18 inch dolls. Thankfully, her Aunt Laura gave her awesome doll clothes for 18 inch dolls last Christmas. She proudly showed to me and her siblings the gift pack.