Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bits & pieces.

What to do with all those short ends of yarn that are not enough to knit up into anything is always a problem. I hate throwing them away and they tend to mount up a bit. I thought I'd use them up in an old fashioned granny blanket. I know I should have been adventurous and done some pretty stitches but, pretty stitches equal holes and holes let cold air through. Blame it on my practical Capricorn nature but I thought I'd fill up all the holes with wool so have done this rather utilitarian stitch. I've worked out that it takes roughly two-and-a-bit arm lengths for the centre part, four for the second round and five-and-a-bit for the third round.
I must be insane because I hate sewing up and darning in ends, but I leave a long end on the last round and use that to sew the square to its neighbour. That saves a little of the darning in thing. To make a blanket 40 inches across by 70 long will require 336 squares. That'll keep me out of mischief for a while, won't it? I've done 97 so far.
The first one of these that I made was many years ago before I was married and my Mum, Nana, and my Sister Thelma all helped. Thelly was only twelve at the time. It's still around, though Mum & Nana aren't and so, naturally it's one of my treasures.
I managed to clean up the mess I'd made of my last post. Clicked in the wrong place and lost my URL and posted images, then doubled up on the latter in an attempt to fix it. Oh dear, 'bear of little brain' in trouble again.
But it's Spring!! That's better, and the man of the house is taking me out for dinner tonight.
Bye for now until next time.


  1. Love the squares, the blanket will be a winner! Enjoy dinner out too.

  2. Mmmm. I'm sure it will be lovely, but I wouldn't want the chore of sewing it all up and weaving in the ends!

  3. I too am a Capricorn and will not throw out the ends. I keep working little granny squares with them as they occur and use join-as-you-go to ease the process. Tidies up my leftovers, I know the size, doesn't matter about the colours, and will be put to good use for a charity
    And I think they look fantastic with the wonderful colour mixes. Just messes my brain (like order) trying to do random. Great to learn to take it as it comes ☺

  4. Laurel, I'm looking forward to getting it finished for full effect.

    Not ready, I dodge sewing up whenever possible but if I do it a little at a time it will be less of a chore. (that's what I tell myself anyway Lol.)

    Maria we think alike. Getting the colours to sit comfortably with each other is the hardest part I think (not counting the sewing and finishing.)

  5. Yep you cant beat those blankets, I have one a kind lady made me one day, and we all take turns in snuggling into it and watching the tv with a hot cuppa. My daughter has moved back with us for awhile, so its a hand on fight for the blankie now!